Z Deluxe Family

Our Deluxe Family Twin rooms are comfortable option for Friends and Family units of up to 4 Adults / Kids. These rooms come with one King Bed and two single beds, spacious Dining area, a large sofa and a pantry with microwave oven plus sink. The Z Deluxe Family Twin Rooms have the following facilities

Room Facilities

  • Internet Access
    • Wi-Fi Internet
  • Room Features
    • Air conditioning with temperature control

Z Home King Bed

Stay-overs in the city for business or leisure should not make you compromise on the essentials of living. Guaranteed to give you the best sleep and s


Z Home Twin Beds

eeping in mind the City travellers wanting to share a room yet enjoy the comfort of a bed of their own, these rooms come with two individual beds and


Z Home Queen

Some of us have special needs such as wheel chair mobility and easier access to switches, controls, locks, utilities, shower and toilet facilities. Be